Free on iTunes: Little G’s Halloween (animated short)

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    Link: Free on iTunes: Little G’s Halloween (animated short)
    Description:: Just in time for Halloween!

    The first of Little G’s adventures, this animated Halloween story follows our ghostly preschool hero as he trick or treats for the first time. Little G soon realizes that being a ghost, even on Halloween, can be challenging.

    Not to get too morbid here, but it certainly makes you wonder just how this little preschooler died…

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    Sep 13, 2006
    I don't know. With the music, it gives me the impression that I'm supposed to be touched or something. But all it shows me is that the ghost went to one house and didn't get anything. It seems like it needed to show a little more of Little G's struggles before anyone is going to feel bad for him. This short is just confusing and pointless. Also, I don't really think of Halloween stories as ones that should be offering warm fuzzies. Leave that for Christmas, and Halloween will stick with the scary stuff.
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    Feb 24, 2006
    US iTunes Store only.

    Not available in the UK despite being 'Free.'

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    Oct 27, 2006
    I didn’t contemplate how the little tike passed when I created him. Guess I'll address that in an upcoming adventure... "Little G and the Spilling Goblet of Fire"?

    Sorry for the lack of availability internationally. This is a simply little short, very much for the young ones. Being just under 02:30, we concluded that it would be fairest not to sell it, but make it available for a limited time, free download on iTunes. I was cool with that, but decided to limit “complimentary’ availability to the domestic market.

    I enjoy the reviews. There are two distinct camps; it either makes `em cry or vomit. This short is more of a moment than an adventure. For folks that don't get it, I'd say sometimes when your a little guy in a big kid's world, you can a bit feel invisible. Perhaps if I had detonated the pumpkin at the end? hmm :cool:

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