Free on iTunes: Premiere episode of “The Nine”

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    Link: Free on iTunes: Premiere episode of “The Nine”
    Description:: ABC and Apple have put the premiere episode of the new series The Nine up on iTunes as a free download. The pilot episode, entitled… um… “Pilot“, begins with a bank heist gone wrong, and introduces the us to the nine key players (all of them hostages) and the mysterious connections they have to one another.

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    I've watched the first three episodes of this new show, and they were pretty good.

    In the first episode, you see bits of the heist but also things that happen afterwards. That's how the show works: The nine people's intertwined lives are shown after the 2-day heist ordeal is over, without you knowing exactly what happened in there. During the season, viewers will gradually learn more about those 2 days, and that will explain more and more of what we see the characters doing afterwards.

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