FREECool Bass is already launched!-It'll go FREE just for this weekend!!!

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by meetstudio, Jun 1, 2012.

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    Apr 19, 2012
    “Cool” Wave Strikes the Hot Summer - Cool Bass Goes FREE for a Limited Time!!!


    iTunes link:

    Since June 2, the fourth products of Cool Series- Cool Bass start to go FREE in a limited time! This summer, the king of bass instruments –Cool Bass will bring you an unprecedented music experience with its unique sound.

    Cool Series Apps, designed by MEET Studio, include Cool Acoustic Guitar, Cool Electric Guitar, Cool Bass, Cool Keyboard, and Cool Drum. Of which four have been on line in the App Store and welcomed by users. Cool Acoustic Guitar and Cool Keyboard won the Top 1 of Free Music App for days in China, meanwhile earned the Top 30 in United States. Up to now, Cool Bass and Cool Electric Guitar also got the Top 10 in China.

    With particular features of these four apps, you can easily form your own band and play together with your friends by WIFI or Bluetooth. You want to invite an expensive band in your nice party? That’s out of date! Cool Series is created for ordinary people.
    Let’s rock the house only with your iPad or iPhone! That’s right! Be an instruments player in seconds! We are the star!

    PS: At the request of majority fans, the last products of Cool Series - Cool Drum is in final testing stage which is expected to launch on the App Store in mid - June. Please pay close attention to us!

    iTunes links:
    Cool Bass:
    Cool Keyboard:
    Cool Acoustic Guitar:
    Cool Electric Guitar:
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    Apr 19, 2012

    Hey, this nice review of Cool Bass is from apps4idevices.

    Cool Bass is a Guitar Hero like. The App is very well done and allows you to play with your friends (you must have an iDevice for each player). You have 26 songs (all songs unlock for 7.99€) that you can try to perform at different speeds, (slow to overspeed). Note that Cool Bass is harder than Cool Piano cause here you have to use 4 fingers to play chords which is not really easy in overspeed mode, but that’s why it’s nice. Cool Bass is a Killer App. (It’s fun to play The Pachelbel Canon in D with a Bass Sound.)

    What are you waiting for? Download it for FREE on this weekend! Enjoy it and have fun! :p
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    Apr 19, 2012

    Please leave a comment on iTunes when you download it! Thanks.:p

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