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    Freedom Index- If the data can be trusted where would you choose to live based on this criteria?
    What does it take to put the U.S. on top? Don't know. My guess was one criteria: gun rights crucial. But when I selected gun rights crucial, based on my other criteria, Switzerland came up No.1 and U.S. No.2. Interesting.

    Disclaimer: I did not list all the criteria I used. I did have Freedom of Expression, Freedom from Corruption, Property Rights as crucial.
    When drug rights are crucial: (I'm not a "drug" user, although I drink alcohol and probably would partake of weed if it was legal.)
    1 Netherlands
    2 Australia
    3 Canada
    4 New Zealand
    5 Finland
    6 Luxembourg
    7 Germany
    8 Denmark
    9 Switzerland
    10 Hong Kong

    When drug rights are some what important:
    1 Australia
    2 Netherlands
    3 New Zealand
    4 Canada
    5 Hong Kong
    6 Finland
    7 Luxembourg
    8 Switzerland
    9 Denmark
    10 Germany

    When Freedom from Taxes some what important added into previous group:

    1 Canada
    2 Hong Kong
    3 Australia
    4 New Zealand
    5 Netherlands
    6 Luxembourg
    7 Switzerland
    8 Finland
    9 Chile
    10 Ireland
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    Not sure why Canada is ranked higher than the US in the "Freedom from Taxes" bit. Ive paid quite a lot more taxes since moving, especially sales tax. Gasoline is taxed much much higher and my income taxes seem to be higher also (or there are less credits).
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    yes, well when it comes to "freedom from taxes" Canada is less "free" than Botswana...and those Saudis are also freer than you

    this index has kind of a bizarre set of "freedoms" to be considered.......if being able to participate in elections, or even vote for that matter, is something you might consider high on a comparative list of freedoms, well, you'll have to look elsewhere since this site doesn't list those as "freedoms" for their index

    However they do have a nifty article titled "A Libertarian Approach to Showerheads: How to Increase Your Flow".......ah FREEDOM!
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    Maybe because Canada does more with its taxes than nation building and friend buying? Oh, and let's not forget building massive worldwide surveillance apparatus.
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    What about social mobility? General health situations? Worker's rights?

    Those would seem pretty crucial when defining the term "freedom", if you ask me.
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    I think you are right...
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    I would agree with you. Women's rights, too, often tend to be over-looked when compiling such indices.

    Equally, literacy, access to education, a free press, free and fair elections, these, too would all come under the definition of 'freedom' as I understand it.
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    Generally speaking, the Nordic countries are rated the highest in terms of rankings as such. Much of that would be attributable to female/male equality IMO, as they are very egalitarian societies. The small income gap may also play into this although I am not positive if they use this or not. Likely, the US is not seen on those lists because of the female/male inequality, that trickles down even to drug rights.
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    Actually, I'm struck by the somewhat unusual criteria used in the OP's original post.

    A more comprehensive picture and measure of various freedoms can be found by consulting the UN HDI (UN Human Development Index - published annually which measures 'human development' in every country in the world on a large range of different criteria), the TI (Transparency International) Index, (which measures matters such as press Freedom), and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation index (a very respected NGO which measures social inclusion among other matters.)
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    That list is too anti-American for my taste! Those types of stats should be banned from America!


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