French soften copyright laws

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    Link: French soften copyright laws
    Description:: THE French government is reworking a digital copyright protection bill following criticism from rebellious MPs and an outcry by consumer groups.
    The reworked bill will ease restrictions on CD- and DVD-copying and impose lighter penalties on small-time downloaders.

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    Not quite sure how the French government is going to go with this part regarding Apple

    "Finally, Apple's Music Store in France would also have to be changed under the new amendments: according to the Journal du Dimanche, the government is looking at ensuring that all music sold on that site can be played on MP3 players other than Apple's bestselling iPods, which is not currently the case.

    "If Apple refuses, the matter could be taken to the Competition Council," an unidentified government official was quoted as saying.

    :confused: Will have to wait and see.

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