Friendly Fire in Syria

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    Well, wouldn't you know it, with all the other crap going on lately, US forces in Syria on Tuesday accidentally dropped bombs on the people fighting ISIS. :(

    U.S.-led aircraft accidentally bombed friendly Syrian forces fighting the Islamic State in northern Syria on Tuesday, killing 18, the Pentagon said Thursday. The April 11 bombing marks the worst confirmed friendly-fire incident in the nearly three-year-old war against the terrorist group.​

    Is it my imagination, or is this Syrian thing slipping completely out of our hands? Assad is ignoring us, Russia is turning on us, and all our efforts either seem in vain (a pointless, useless strike on an airbase) or counterproductive (actually helping ISIS rather than hurting it)...
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    Probably a lot of blame to go around, but it sounds like nearly all of it should go on the anti-ISIS Syrian fighters.


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