From SoundJam MP to iTunes 9: A complete history

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    Link: From SoundJam MP to iTunes 9: A complete history
    Description:: Watching Steve take the stage and roll out a new version of iTunes got us all nostalgic for the old days, when iTunes logos changed color and our jukebox looked like it could withstand a bomb blast

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    So that's what happened to Sound Jam. Guess I wasn't paying attention.

    I remember at the time thinking that early iTunes didn't compare favorably with Sound Jam. Items like the eq were late in coming and Sound Jam was quite colorful as well with it's skins.

    No wonder iTunes turned out so well though, with the same developers involved.

    PS: I know Sound Jam is one word, but the spellcheck bugs me.
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    This article is incorrect.

    Apple actually stole the programmer out from under C&G. It was not "a few short negotiations," either. C&G was a publishing company and provided tech support for various titles. The heads of the company were not in-house programmers, so to speak.

    I hate how twisted this has become, and I miss C&G.

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