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Discussion in 'Community' started by question fear, May 11, 2004.

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    A spoof of REM's "Losing my religion"
    this parody is the property of, and brainchild of,

    Oh, drives get bigger
    They're bigger, and you
    begin to split them.
    You start to make partitions
    To organize your files
    Oh no! A bad resize!
    I messed it up.
    That's me at the keyboard
    That's me at my laptop
    Losing my partition
    Trying to save all my files
    But I don't know if I can do it
    Oh, no! Boot sector's crunched.
    I hadn't backed it up.
    I know that I'll be formatting
    I know that I'm not the king
    There's nothing left to do but cry
    Lost all my pictures
    Every system file, my
    Pow'rpoint presentations.
    Trying to save my notes to you
    Now I feel like a stupid fool, fool
    Oh, no! I've messed it up
    I screwed it up
    Partition this
    Partition this
    The goof of the century
    My Deskstar's death.
    The sign that told me
    that my disk failed.
    What if I use undelete,
    Or, flailing around?
    Now I've lost too much
    I thought that I had it covered
    I thought that I could convert
    I think I thought 'twas worth a try
    But that was FAT 16
    That was FAT 16
    That's me at the server
    That's me at the keyboard
    Losing my partition
    My job is lost, I'm so screwed
    Well it looks like I really blew it
    Oh, no! I lost some files
    My database is gone
    I thought RAID was there to help me
    I thought it was idiot-proof
    I think it should have saved my drive

    But it's not just a dream
    Try. Fry
    Why try?
    I lost my Windows theme
    Vent some steam
    Drink caffeine
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    There are some great song parodies at Am I Right. I like to find parodies that people have submitted for the songs in my iTunes library and call one up when I'm listening to the original.

    Maybe I'll contribute one of my own one of these days.

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