Froogle in the UK at last!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by JLS, Oct 13, 2004.

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    Aug 8, 2004
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    Froogle arrives in the UK
    Sarah Hartley

    INTERNET search giant Google has launched its site comparison service Froogle in the UK.

    The service allows users to search for specific items to find the best deal and, unlike some similar British sites, it's free to users and retailers.

    Announcing the launch yesterday, Google’s engineering director Cos Nicolaou said the service provided the tools for better online shopping.

    He said: "We developed Froogle UK so that online shoppers could quickly and easily locate the products they are looking for, from the most obscure to the most popular.

    "As Google continues to explore opportunities to bring more of the world's information to users in more countries and more languages, Froogle UK enables us to provide the UK market with the tools they need for a better online shopping experience today and through the upcoming holiday season."

    Froogle UK closely resembles the simple Google home page and search results pages, and features links to recent popular product searches, such as [iPod cases] or [mini digital camera].


    A product search on Froogle UK returns photos of relevant products and links to the stores that sell them. Users can then sort products by price, narrow their search within a specific price range, and browse through a variety of merchandise categories.

    Froogle UK does not accept payment for placement within the search results so sellers who wish to have their products listed can submit a data feed free of charge through the Froogle Merchant Centre.

    The introduction of Froogle UK comes at a time when ecommerce in Britain is at record levels, with 20 million Britons expected to shop online this year, spending upward of £17 billion (IMRG).

    Froogle UK is available on the advanced search page or at

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    May 10, 2004
    Needs to mature though. The spiders only picked up one result for 'Lacie d2 320', though manually scanning through the lacie results there were many available (none cheaper than the one I bought yesterday from ebuyer - morbid curiosity). The fuzzy logic obviously needs work...

    They should have just bought Kelkoo, man. Still, it's good to have an alternative.

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