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Discussion in 'iPhone Marketplace Archive' started by powerbook911, Mar 13, 2008.

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    Mar 15, 2005
    Well, I have a slightly used 16 GB iPhone, for sale.

    I got it for my father right when the 16 GB version came out alongside a 16 GB for myself. However, my father quickly declared he preferred his old Blackberry even though he was given the iPhone, and I was paying the bill! ha-ha.

    I then considered using a second iPhone myself as a business only line, but I have decided that is unnecessary and not very convenient, so here it is for sale. You know it's not super old cause the 16 GB hasn't been out very long.

    I had put a slider case on it, so like the flat chrome around the front face isn't perfect anymore. There are marks on the flat chrome parts as said, but beveled chrome and and the front in general looks shiny and clean. The screen is perfect. No scratches or anything in the screen. We take pretty good care of stuff being Mac and in general Apple fanatics.

    The back next to the Apple logo has a couple smallish marks/scratches (they are hard to see in the photographs bit easier to see in person), which was also from the slider case I believe. I'm returning the slider case cause of this, but it's nothing too dramatic. Still much better condition than most used phones I think you'll find and how many have 16 GB of storage? I love my 16 GB.

    Just want to give the full heads up, since I'm pretty obsessed about things looking good. Some of the marks in the photos are just lint or fingerprints, but ask many for any specifics. I've tried to outline what I see above.

    I have attached a couple photographs.

    *** Oh yeah, the original box is included of course, and it even has the unused black cloth, the Apple stickers, *never used* earbuds, plastic wrapped dock, plastic wrapped power adapter, and USB cable. So the packaging will be like new (most of those items have never even left the iPhone box cause already had cables, dock, earbuds and power adapter).

    I am selling it for $450, plus $10 ground shipping, for $460 total. At first it sounds like only $40 off, but remember all the sales tax you're saving, which is probably about another $40 depending where you are, so it is potentially $80 cheaper than a new one, and obviously this one isn't very old itself.

    Oh, one more thing. It's always been official on the AT&T network. Never been unlocked. So you can just get a new AT&T sim card or whatever, put it in the phone, and activate with iTunes. Or you could unlock it or whatever, but on my end that has never been done. Its been official all the way.

    So go ahead and private message me offers. Obviously paypal is how I'd like to do the transaction, and I can give my ebay user ID 100 percent after 80+ transactions, for feedback rating, or refer you to someone I've sold an iMac to on here.

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    Aug 19, 2005
    would you be interested in trading for a 12" 1.33ghz ibook?
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    Sep 25, 2007
    Indiana, USA
    Or if you are entertaining trades, I have a PowerBook G4 Titanium I'm looking to part with.

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