FS: 512MB RAM & 256MB RAM for notebook.

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    Oct 18, 2004
    Las Vegas
    Hi, I've got two sticks of RAM for sale. The first is a brand new stick of Kingston RAM: 512MB DDR333 200 Pin. The second is the 256MB Stick that came in my Powerbook when I first got it, it's pretty much brand new because I never used it with the RAM. When I got my powerbook I already had a gig of RAM to put into it. When I bought it they also sent a free stick of the kingston RAM and I had no idea I was getting it so now I'm stuck with it. These are good upgrades to any Laptop because if there's one thing computers love is more RAM. PM me or Email me at kris@the4elementz.com

    Kingston 512MB DDR333 (PC2700) 200 Pin - $80 + Shipping.

    Apple 256MB DDR333 (PC2700) 200 Pin - $30 + Shipping.

    Apple Left - Kingston Right

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