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    Jan 7, 2002
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    Upgraded recently so i'm selling my trusty bulletproof workhorse.

    Beige G3 233 desktop, 192 ram, 4 gig internal. UW SCSI card with Glyph 9 gig 10k Cheetah, Glyph 6x CD burner and IX3D Dual Monitor card. also a viewsonic 17" monitor(crt). Will also throw in an epson printer.

    digital performer 2.72 with manual( and 3.02 no manual), Freemidi 1.47, reason 1.0.1, groovemaker 2.0, pluggo 2.0, antares autotune, toast and oms emulator.

    I ran this with a Motu 2408 and timepiece A/V (serial) and it was(is) amazingly reliable. It is still on OS 8.6 which i found to be very solid...i feel it could be upped to 9.2.2 without any problems. With the UW drive i could get a huge track count-the 233 just can't support many plug-ins( its a great candidate for an upgrade card). I have it set up to run DP and Reason together without ANY problems...though it could use more RAM.

    This is a professional machine that has been used to compose/record/mix music for Commercials, TV shows, indie Movies, CD's...etc.

    I could ship it but i'd rather sell it to someone in the los angeles area.

    make me an offer---please PM me.



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