FS: *Brand new* Logitech Z-5500 Digital, a THX-certified, 500-watt 5.1 system

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    Wife just got me this for my Bday present which was Yesterday :D... and I am in no need for this. I hear such great things about it. But I am willing to take a little hit and sell it and not pay the 20% restocking fee from where she puchased this system from.
    It has NOT been opened up. All is factory sealed ----BRAND NEW---

    More info:
    *Logitech has taken the award-winning Logitech Z-680 speaker system and made it even better. How? By improving everything from the subwoofer to the satellites and adding new innovations like real-time digital sound equalization. The result is the Logitech Z-5500 Digital, a THX-certified, 500-watt 5.1 surround sound speaker system that offers everything you could possibly want… and some things you didn't even know you needed. And once you plug in your PC, DVD or music player, or video game console, you'll never want to listen to anything else.


    Powerful, distortion-free bass: The new, larger 10-inch long-throw subwoofer driver with flared bass port delivers 188 watts of thunderous bass
    Innovative driver technology: Polished aluminum phase-plug satellites combine two drivers into one--the clarity of a tweeter with the richness and fullness of a separate mid-range
    Digital equalization: The Z-5500 Digital actively adjusts frequency response in real time for the cleanest, most accurate sound reproduction.
    DTS 96/24 support: Enjoy studio-quality sound thanks to the Z-5500's support for 96 kHz / 24-bit digital audio streams
    Amazingly powerful controls: The Digital SoundTouch Control Center lets you control volume to all speakers, set inputs, and much more. And the separate wireless remote is great for home theaters and video game consoles
    Innovative satellite design: Cloth grilles are removable for a pro-audio look. Pedestals rotate for easy wall mounting or desk placement.
    Dolby Digital is the universal standard for 5.1 digital sound. DVDs, PlayStation2, Xbox, digital cable, satellite TV, and HDTV all use Dolby Digital. The Z-5500 Digital includes a hardware Dolby Digital decoder for full, rich 5.1 sound
    THX certification is the "seal of approval" for speaker quality. It is an absolute assurance that these speakers accurately recreate the full sonic experience of a movie theater. The Z-5500 Digital is one of a select few speaker systems that meets the rigid standards for unparalleled THX-quality sound
    DTS Digital Surround delivers 5.1 digital sound that rivals master soundtracks. The Z-5500 Digital includes a hardware DTS decoder for master-quality sound.

    Total RMS power: 505 watts RMS
    Satellites: 317 watts RMS (2 x 62 W front, 2 x 62 rear, 69 W center)
    Subwoofer: 188 watts RMS
    Frequency response: 33 Hz — 20 kHz
    Source Inputs: Digital optical, Digital coaxial, 6 channel direct (3 stereo-mini connectors), Analog stereo-mini (on side panel of control center)
    Package Includes

    Logitech Z-5500 Digital Speakers: 4 satellites, 1 center channel, 1 subwoofer
    6-channel Direct audio cable
    Digital SoundTouch control center
    Wireless remote control

    I will sell it for $250.00 Free shipping w/ UPS.
    *I do accept PAYPAL.
    Please PM or E-mail me. Thanks


    Front and rear surrounds:

    Center channel:



    Back of 10" sub AMP:

    Manuals ect:
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