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    Hi everyone, I'm selling my Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ3 camera on eBay for all interested. It's not up yet, thought I'd see if anyone here wanted it first - but I'll probably put it on there tomorrow night at some point if no one bites here.

    It's a really great 5 megapixel camera that I've used for a bit over a year now, and am kind of sorry to see go, honestly. I ended up getting last year after having been disappointed by a number of point-and-shoot cameras that ended up having blurry photos and the like, and it's really been great.

    I'm selling it because I ended up getting a much slimmer camera for my upcoming trip abroad (easier to conceal!). This one is a bit of a fatty compared to some cameras out there, but it's never let me down, and the photos are great.

    Here are the "major" camera features for those interested:
    • 5-megapixel effective CCD for images up to 2560 x 1920 pixels
    • 6x optical zoom, equivalent to 37-222mm on a 35mm camera
    • Optical image stabilization to help prevent camera shake and blurring
    • High Sensitivity mode, up to ISO 1600
    • 5-point AF with 3 point, 1 point and Spot options
    • 2.0-inch TFT color monitor
    • Macro, Portrait, Sports, Panning, Night Portrait picture modes
    • Burst mode captures @ 3fps up to 8 frames
    • 640x480/320x240 QuickTime movies, 30fps or 10fps w/out audio
    • Shutter speeds from 1/2000 to 8 seconds (Shutter priority and Manual modes)
    • Built-in flash with auto, fill, slow synchro and red-eye reduction modes
    • TTL Auto White Balance, 5 presets and custom set
    • 14MB internal memory plus Secure Digital memory card slot
    • Plug-n-Play USB, Mass Storage compliant
    • PictBridge Direct-Print compatible
    • Powered by two standard AA type batteries

    You can read much more about specifics here.

    I'm looking to get $50+shipping for this. If an MR member buys this before I toss it on eBay, I'll even throw in a 512MB SD card for it, as I won't need it anymore.

    Here are some really terrible photos taken by my cell phone (new camera won't arrive for a few days!). The camera is in great shape, with some light scuffing:



    Edit: And I am in Minnesota, USA. I won't ship outside of the US and Canada, sorry - too many issues with tracking and whatnot.
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