FS: (Feeler) iPod mini, iPod 4G, Dell Axim

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    Jan 19, 2005
    As I prepare for my Mac purchase, I kind of want to start with a fresh slate tech wise (and also get a little extra money to cover the costs!). I have a lot of items I could sell, but I want to see what I can get for them. So if you're interested let me know, but I'm not sure if I'm selling them yet.

    Used 4G 20GB iPod

    Looking for $200 shipped. This is an 8 month old iPod that has been well used; it is in okay condition but would never be called new. It has my name and web site engraved on the back, but it is being sold with a leather Belkin case and blue iSkin (no belt clip). It has two chips/scratches on each left corner (cannot get a picture of them; the white glares and refuses to focus). Unnoticeable in the iSkin. The back has the usual scratches, nothing deep (still shiny and mirror-like). The front is in pretty good condition; the screen has some scratches, but I don't notice them unless I hold it to the light. The device works perfectly and is sold with its original box, cables, CD, etc. Earbuds are opened.

    Mint 2G iPod mini (6GB)

    Looking for $250 shipped. I thought I would use this more than I do, but it seems kind of pointless now that I have it (I thought I would use the extra battery life, as I tend to go on long trips). Turns out I don't. It's in mint condition and will be sold with its original box, USB cable, earbuds, etc. Everything is sealed and unused except for the iPod itself and the installation CD. I have an extra firewire cable and AC adaptor available that I may sell with it.

    Dell Axim x50v

    Looking for $500. Excellent condition. Four months old, works perfectly. Has a screen protector (I will sell it with it- Boxwave crystal); the protector is dirty as I have never gotten it on right (though it has protected the screen). You can fool around with it. Sold with Rhinoskin Hardcase, all original cables, box, etc. Love it, need money.

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