FS/Feeler: PS2 SL with Guitar Heros 2 and 3 with 3 wired Guitars and 1 PS2 Controller

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by kgarchar, Jan 15, 2008.

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    Sep 21, 2006
    So I have an XBox360 and this thing isn't getting put to use. I would like to get GH3 for 360 to cut down on electronics in my entertainment center.

    What's included

    PS2 Slimline
    PS2 Wired Dual Shock Controller
    Guitar Hero 2
    Guitar Hero 3
    3 Wired SG Guitars
    Composite and Component Cables ($20-25 extra)

    If you'd like, I can throw in NCAA06, Grand Turismo 3, and THPS4

    I'm not really sure what I could get for this, I was thinking something like $200 would be fair seeing as how just the PS2 and GH3 combined is more than that. If you have Rock Band that you'd be willing to trade, that'd be ideal, but I'd definitely sell outright. PM me if you have any questions at all! thanks!
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    Sep 21, 2006
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