FS: G4 450mhz Tower for sale or trade [Fully loaded tower]

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    Jun 11, 2004
    San Diego California
    Hi everyone, i have a Apple G4 450mhz Tower for sale. It has a ton of upgrades done to it, the system specs are as follows:

    -450mhz G4 Processor
    -1.25gb of RAM (1250mb)
    -10gb 10,000 RPM Seagate SCSI Harddrive
    -40.0gb Western Digital IDE Harddrive
    -Adaptec SCSI Controller
    -On board 56k Modem
    -USB Ports
    -Firewire Port
    -100mb Zip Drive (internal)
    -52x CD-Burner / 16x DVD-ROM Combo Drive
    -Airport wireless Networking card
    -AIT Rage 128 AGP Video Card

    The System has 2 problems with it, these are the only 2 things wrong with it, other than that the system works perfectly,

    Known Issues:

    #1 The onboard networking card doesn't work, the modem works fine, but the 10/100 LAN card is disabled. you could go out and buy a replacement for very cheap, or just use the wireless Airport card that has been installed.

    #2 you cant tell the system to restart. when you restart it will go to a black screen and you have to shut it off and reboot it that way. if you shut it down and restart it again that way it works fine. this really isn't anything, but its something to be aware of.

    im asking a 500 dollars for the system, or if you have a g4 powerbook or a g4 ibook for trade, i would be interested in trading for that (i could provide some cash for a trade like that) please let me know if you want it or have any questions via email, i will get back to you very quickly.

    P.S price does not include shipping. that part is to be paid for by buyer at time of purchase.

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