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    Feb 10, 2004
    I posted the games earlier, but I'm putting my GBA on the block, too. I'll probably use the money for a nano, and see if I can convince my wife to buy me a DS for XMas... anyways, you don't care about that, here we are...

    It's a Red GBA SP, in pretty good shape. Has a little scuffing on the outside area, but the screen and controls are all in good shape. I have the charger, but no box. Gets great battery life, still, never really tested it as I've never run out before I recharged it. I'll get some pics if requested. These sell for $60 used at gamestop/EBgames, so I'm asking $45 shipped in CONUS. I will happily ship anywhere in the world, at your expense.

    Games: I have Zelda the Minish Cap and Mario Kart Advance. Zelda has the box still, Mario Kart does not. Both are in perfect cosmetic condition, and work perfectly as well. They sell for $25 used at GS/EB, I'm asking $20 shipped each. International shipping is fine on these as well.

    I'll also throw in a GBA to GC connector cable if you buy the lot!

    All of it for $80 shipped.

    No trades, please.

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