FS: IBM Thinkpad X40 Like New: 3 Year Warranty Ultrabase X4w / combo drive

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    Nov 14, 2003
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    I tried trading and got some great offers, but i realized i need the money a bit more and before i put it on ebay, i thought id try here again. I have great feedback on Ebay and have a paypal account.
    I am selling a
    IBM Thinkpad x40(last one before Lenovo took over)
    Intel Pentium M ULV 1.1 GHZ (ultra low voltage)
    256 MB DDR Ram
    30 GB HD
    Windows XP Professional
    Intel Pro Wireless 2200 B/G
    Intel Extreme 2 Graphics
    IBM Thinkbrite Display 12.1 Inch.
    IBM Software Access Rapid Restore and Fix Protocol/Program: Allows you to fix/remove files from install drive if windows ever has a problem without formatting it and to fix and install patches as well.
    Weight 2.5 Pounds Before dock
    IBM Ultrabase X4 Dock(199.99)
    IBM Combo Drive Slim for X4 Dock(160.00) DVD/CDRW
    Weight with dock: 3.2 Pounds.
    Three Year IBM Rapid Repair Warranty. Ends in 2007/8
    This machine is light!!. two weeks old. and barely used.
    Why am i selling. Need the money for school and made the mistake of buying on impulse a couple of weeks back. Great machine and if it does not sell than ill just keep it, it is a nice machine.
    Paid over 1500 for setup
    Asking for 1200 Shipped with dock+drive.

    Only two things i would trade for.
    Most Recent Generation Ibook 12" with Combo Drive. + Recent gen ipod(not shuffle or mini) or +250 cash.
    Powerbook 12" Recent generation. 1.33ghz/1.5ghz, 1.33 must have superdrive. i have tiger so i wouldnt need it.

    email me if you have any questions

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    Jan 2, 2005

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