FS: Old Un-tested Cheap SCSI/IDE Hard Drives!

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    Price Drop!!

    I have SIX hard drives that have been laying around here for a long time. I don't know the condition of any of them and I don't know if any of them work. Unfortunetly only a few of the drives have a label that lists it's size, the others don't. Some of them have scratches, and none of them are too pretty, they all look old and don't include any cables or jumpers. None of them are tested, all are AS-IS!!

    Asking Price:

    $15 for all of them! (w/ free IDE cable!)
    $4 for any single Hard Drive (SCSI or IDE)
    Make me an offer!!

    I'm not asking much because I want to get rid out them :p Prices do NOT include shipping.

    Hard Drives:
    -1 Quantum FireBall 3.5 series, says SCSI in marker but, it is IDE/ATA
    -1 Quantum ProDrive LPS SCSI
    -1 Segate SCSI
    -1 Segate 545.5 mb IDE Hard Drive*
    -1 Segate 1,705mb IDE**
    -1 IBM SCSI 728mb July 1994 Picture: http://homepage.mac.com/ibook238/art/apple/IBM-728.jpg

    *I have written 'R2-D2' and 'C-3P0' on it a long time ago, I guess those were the names of the partions I made on the drive. So I guess this one should be working. But, I do not guarentee any of these drives to work, they are ALL AS-IS.

    **1.7gb is written in marker while 1,705mb is on the printed label, this looks the newest out of all of them - it has a web site listed on it! :eek:

    If you want any of these you can write me a private messege or e-mail, I'd like to sell all of them togeather but, if you want just one we can work something out.

    Buyer must pay shipping costs and I'll probably only accept payment via PayPal. Pictures are below and are in the order of the list above.

    Thanks for looking! :D

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