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    This auction is for a full version of Mac OS 10.2. There were many great features added in this version of Mac OS X. Some of the featured applications according to the box are:

    - Address Book

    - DVD Player

    - iChat (AIM Supported)

    - iMovie

    - iPhoto

    - iTunes

    - Mail (Junk Mail Feature Added)

    - Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0

    - Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.2

    Also included in this auction is a burnt CD with the many updates needed to get to OS 10.2.8. These updates are all free but they are large files that would take a long time to download, and this CD will just take a few minutes.

    - 10.2.1

    - 10.2.2

    - 10.2.3

    - 10.2.4

    - 10.2.5

    - 10.2.6

    - 10.2.8

    This is for a full version of the operating system 10.2. No other operating systems need to be on the hard drive for this software to be installed. (You can erase the drive and then installed this software or just upgrade your existing OS). Included in this auctio are: 2 installation discs, developer tools CD, Licensing Agreement, included manual, and the proof of purchase certificate.




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