FS: Packaged WoodWing Smart Catalog (InDesign Plug-In)

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    Jul 24, 2002
    Smart Catalog CS links data such as images, text, and numbers to image frames, text frames, and even arbitrary text ranges in InDesign CS ensuring the utmost flexibility. Once your catalog is laid out, a single click will update your InDesign document with the latest information from the database or data file.​

    Layout Assistance
    Smart Catalog CS also assists with the layout of your catalog. Image options can be set to scale and position images correctly within the frame, price formats to control the appearance of prices and numbers. Specific support is available to quickly fill tables with information from your data source.

    Full Control
    Smart Catalog CS offers a lot of control over the update process for efficient updates without problems. Fields can either be updated one by one or the entire document can be updated with a single click.

    WoodWing offers Smart Catalog CS as a modular solution to ensure you only pay for what you need. The core Smart Catalog CS system offers the basic linking (to data files) and layout features.

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