FS: PB G4 800 80gb 1gb Combo Very Well Loaded!!

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    Oct 7, 2003
    I want to sell my powerbook g4 Tibook. It is very well loaded and well taken care of. It only lacks a superdrive other than that it is a perfect package, fully loaded and with everything you need to go right away. The specs are:

    800 mhz G4 Tibook 15"
    All original box, materials packaging, etc.
    Applecare til sept 2005
    80 gb 5400rpm HD
    1 GB RAM
    Combo Drive
    iLife '04
    firewire 400
    Airport Wireless Card (.b)
    2 USB 1.0 slots in computer
    DVI out
    2 USB 2.0 slots via PC card
    1 firewire 400
    Audio - Out
    D-Link USB Bluetooth adapter
    NO dead pixels
    Radtech Powerbook Sleeve (grey)
    Marware black slim bag
    Marware Screen Protector (always used with the powerbook when closed)

    There are some paint chips (common on Tibooks) which i will post in picture as a soon as i can. I'm also including TiPaint (www.tipaint.com).

    A comperable system in from apple.com is about $2800. Taking into account wear and, processor speed differance, and age. I'm looking for about $1500 for it. But thats negoitable.
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    Oct 7, 2003

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