FS - Pentax Optio 550 DigiCam 5.0 Megapixels

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    Jul 29, 2005
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    I just bought a new Panasonic Digi Cam so I'm looking to sell my Pentax Optio 550. Review. The camera takes really good pictures, IMHO, although I'm not a pro by far. It was great for taking shots of the kids, which is pretty much all I use my camera for. :)

    The camera is in good condition. The LCD and lens are perfect, but the lens cover doesn't close completely anymore (picture below). The body has a few scratches but nothing serious. I have the charger and two batteries (which both have good life still). The second battery is a genuine Pentax battery, not generic. Also included: the USB cable that came with the camera and I'll throw in a 256 MB SanDisk SD card as well.

    I'm looking for $200 but am open to other offers. I will consider trades as well. I'm hoping to get a 60 GB iPod with the money from the sale. So if you have a 60 GB iPod (in good condition) you want to trade I'd be willing to throw in some cash.

    My eBay name is also PammySpyce and I have 100% feedback. I've sold my BT Keyboard and Mouse on this forum as well. I prefer PayPal but am open to other payment methods.

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