FS: PowerBook G3 138shipped/AMD AthlonXP-M Complete System/Win XP Pro CD+Key

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    Hi everyone. I am new here, I have been looking for a Mac forum I really enjoy and hope this to be it ^-^. I am also at the Hard and Extreme Overclocking forums. I am selling my Powerbook to get a Ti-Book 400mhz or above. I want to try the Overclocking instructions I saw to make one 550 mhz. I would also need the 500's heatsink or a 500 to start with. It was rumored the heatsink was a little nicer, but the 400's that have been upgraded all work fine. Anyway I also have a desktop righ that I built. Very nice and while I am thinking of taking it further I think the more for a PowerBook Ti the better ^-^ a 667 would really be nice to play with. As I am sure PC's are not to common I have listed my desktop on the bottom if you might be interested. It is also listed in the forums mentioned above under the same user name (Cross). Please feel free to contact me I am on MSN most of the time. ^-^ (ID macinotshg5@cox.net same as my email ^-^)

    LAPTOP: ****SOLD**** on eBay for 200 shipped :D


    ViewSonic Flat Screen A75f CRT Display -- say 85shipped via ground (insurance at your option)

    xp-m 2400 @ 2.4 /w 1.775 vcc -- Sells for 77 new at newegg so how about 65shipped

    a7n8x dlx -- New at Newegg for 94 so lets say 85shipped

    Alpha Heatsink (Looks like the A64 I am checking for sure now) -- New @ New Egg for 30 so how about 23shipped

    80 gb hdd seagate 8mb 7200 -- New @ New Egg for 75.50 so how about 67shipped

    ati radeon 9000 pro 128mb -- new egg has the non ati version [powercolor] for 55 plus shipping so how about 46shipped?

    1x pc3200 512 infineon -- New @ New Egg for 82 so lets say 76shipped

    52x cdrw -- Lets say 18 shipped?

    dvd rom(unknown speed) -- lets say 16shipped?

    1999 Audiox 5.1 Sound Card -- Lets say 18 shipped?

    cheiftec dragon case -- New @ Tiger Direct for 80 so how about 58 plus shipping

    420watt turbo link psu -- Not sure so lets say 35shipped

    ***Say 500*** plus professional packaging and shipping insurance is buyers option! OBO
    Let me know whats fair here this will be the first desktop I sell I will look around later and see what they are going for. I do not feel like taking it apart for the steppings but if it is a must I guess I can. (If there is a program that can tell me them that would be pref'd)

    Ok Added in is a New Full Install of Windows XP Pro (Non-OEM) from CompUSA. I had to resurface the cd but it installed on the mobile athlon system above. Comes with key and all documents as well. Made in 2002 according to the folder it came in. I will take 70 for it shipped. (priority mail) ****PENDING**** to DrEvilX

    **********ADDED ITEMS*************
    Power Mac 9600 Style G3 Tower
    233, no ram, needs hard drive has CDROM/ZIP/Floppy ZIF Slot Processor
    Take 30 for it plus shipping, its in very nice condition, looks great!

    Power Mac 8500 Motherboard and Power Supply 13 shipped

    PowerMac 7500-8500-9600 Processor upgrade Rail Gun G3 Believe its at 266 it has the dial's to change the settings. 18 shipped

    Power Mac 7500 unknown condition VRAM all slots used, DRAM 4 or 5 sticks. 8 plus shipping. Has CDROM and Floppy, Baracuda 4 gig HD

    Power Mac 7500-8500-9600 603e chips 3 250 and up and 1 604 300mhz chip with 604 cache chip. 14 shipped

    Just want it out of the house so make me offers if you want it for less, I am pretty open just to see it go! :D
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    Some items sold, new items added. I don't know any of the MOD's here or for this forum so if any come to this thread could you please change the title to the following:
    "Power Mac G3, G3 604-603 CPUS, 8500 MB, Athlon XP-M Complete System + More"

    Thanks so much! :D
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    Jul 14, 2004
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