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    Jul 17, 2005
    Mooresville, NC
    For sale or trade: a 2001 Nokia 5170i. It is locked to Cricket service and cost $65 in 2001. Includes original manuals, receipt, box, leather case, and 3 faceplates - 2 are identical and are the stock faceplates, and one is a cool clear blue. Also will include a car charger (if I can find it). A great phone if you just want something cheap and simple. $20 Shipped or best offer.


    It worked fine last time it was turned on - roughly December, 2004. The battery has not been charged since. Do note that the phone was given to me, and as such I do not know the security code. You can turn it on and call as normal (if you activate it) - as well as change MOST settings. If there is a Nokia Service Center near you, simply take it to them and they will do a hard reset which will set the security code back to default.

    I'll accept personal checks, money orders, and cashiers checks. If needed, we could set up a PayPal payment. I'll send the phone as soon as the money is in my hand (i.e. I have cashed your check or PayPal has received payment).

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