FS: Used 8gb 1.1.4 unlocked /jailbroken iPhone, new in box accessories - $360 shipped

Discussion in 'iPhone Marketplace Archive' started by spaceballl, Mar 3, 2008.

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    Nov 2, 2003
    San Francisco, CA
    Hi all, I recently bought a 16gb iPhone to replace my current 8gb model.

    I use T-Mobile so it is unlocked and jailbroken. I'm posting here because I'd really like to avoid eBay and all the shady transactions surrounding it!

    So basically, for $360 shipped, you get my iPhone and I'll put it in the box of my new 16gb iPhone, which still has all of the original accessories, still wrapped in their original plastic - So you see... you get to FEEL like you still have a new iPhone cuz you can "unbox" it Apple style haha. :p Just playin.

    Anyhow, let me know if you're interested. I have lots of posts here and have done a lot of online transactions before. I have excellent feedback as both a buyer and seller on eBay.

    I took a look at the marketplace rules and I didn't see anything illegal about selling unlocked iPhones. If you're interested, I'd prefer to do this via money order / check only. I've gotten screwed before w/ Paypal chargebacks. Let me know if you're interested! Thanks!

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