FS: Xbox + DVD Kit + Live Kit + 2 Controllers (1 wireless)

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    I no longer need this now that I have an Xbox 360 so I am selling it. I originally bought the console from 'Onizuka' here on the MacRumors forums but the controllers were both purchased after I got the console. Here is what is for sale:

    -Xbox console
    -Power Cord
    -AV/S-Video Cord
    -DVD Playback Remote Control (missing back that holds batteries in it but they have never fallen out on me and it works fine)
    -Wireless Controller (smaller than typical Xbox controllers)
    -Wired Controller (see through with Xbox Live hook up built into it) - Just bought this 3 weeks ago for $20 so it is relatively new
    -Xbox Live Kit (Headset and hook up)
    -This Xbox has a 50GB hard drive in it (I believe)

    I can accept Paypal as payment or local pick-up if you live in the Indianapolis area. I am only willing to ship this in the Continental USA. We can arrange shipping with whatever courier you'd like.


    Feel free to PM me with any questions. Thanks!

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