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    Dec 14, 2011
    So it seems that most apps claim HDMI / video out support but it doesn't seem they support it fully with the iphone. Most applications run in a sort of windowed mode that is the same as when the phone is in landscape mirrored. It is outputting the full 1080p to the tv but then only displaying 1136x640 within that 1080p area.

    Of course things like videos also output in the full 1080p resolution too.

    What do I mean by full hd support:

    Solar Walk is a very impressive program that does seem to support FULL hdmi output. It runs a sort of touch pad on the display of the iphone while outputting full 1080p 3d graphics on the TV. There is no cropping and you can clearly see it is being rendered in the full resolution.

    I also downloaded a remote desktop application Jump Desktop who claimed full HDMI and VGA output support but it too only had cropped down display output - hugely disappointing since it is $15.

    Does anyone else know any apps that do full screen output at 1080p?

    Full HD Iphone Supported Apps:

    - Solar Walk
    - Real Racing 2 - Thanks heyitsfez
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    Sep 24, 2012
    Real Racing 2 has HD out support. The tv screen shows the view inside the car while the iphone/ipad shows the race map, time, what place you are and the brakes. Pretty cool when you do this over airplay on an apple tv
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    That sounds pretty awesome! I bought Asphalt7 hoping it would do that same and while it does do the dual monitor thing: moving map, information on phone and 3d graphics racing on the TV it is still in the crop / lower resolution mode.

    I will go ahead and start a list above.
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    Both Aspalt 6 and 7 use 640*480 (that is, 4:3 - hence the pillarboxing) on external monitors, even on top hardware like the iPad 4/ iPhone 5. They're pretty cr@ppy, TV output-wise - I in no way recommend playing these two games on an external monitor.


    Actually, it's very easy for devs to allow for full screen output when natively outputting to a monitor. Tell them to read my tutorial (see below) and do what is explained there. The nPlayer folks have already did.

    If all you can do is mirroring, try going the DVI / VGA way.

    Please read http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1578989 , where I explained this all. (Sorry, it'd take just too much time to explain everything I've already done in that article.)

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