Full Size Video - Post Entire Videos Clip on Instagram without Square Cropping

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    Hi Guys,

    Happy Thanksgiving and Black friday!

    Today I'm proud to announce my newest app, Full Size Video for iPhone, a photo & video app let you to post entire videos clip on Instagram without square cropping, especially, landscape video! or even slomo!


    With Full Size Video, You can square fit your video in only 5 steps:

    1. Import your video from camera roll

    2. Move and scale your video to select position by drag and pinch

    In this case, i choose to fit width to square fit

    3. Rotate your video in any angle, blow your friends mind with fascinating angle.

    4. Make your video feel alive by fill with matching color.

    5. Share out to Instagram or Save to camera roll

    Here is the sample video made by Full Size Video on Instagram

    We made FullSizeVideo™ in iOS7 style and easy-to-use for all ages. So, You’ll understand how it work quickly without using tutorial guide.

    Think FullSizeVideo™, When you want to post a video on Instagram.
    No need to crop, Just square fit!

    - Import video from camera roll.
    - Fit width, Fit height your video.
    - Drag to move your video in square size.
    - Pinch to scale the position.
    - Fill background color.
    - Rotate your video.
    - 90º Clockwise and 90º Counterclockwise.
    - Live preview before share out.
    - Reset button, Back to the original video.
    - Share to Instagram or other social network.
    - Save to camera roll for any purpose.
    - Send via E-mail and iTunes file sharing.
    - Send to other app for any purpose.
    - Fully support the latest iOS7.
    - Compatible with iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, and iPhone 5s.

    Like it?
    If yes, this is the App Store Like: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/full-size-video-post-entire/id756463036?mt=8

    Happy Thanksgiving Day! and upcoming Black Friday!

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