Funtense; paper-and-pencil family and friends game visualized by Aleph-Null Visions

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    ************New On AppStore*************

    "Funtense" is a fun famous word game, designed for iPad to cheer you up. Aleph-Null Visions has put a lot of thought into the design, striving to reserve the atmosphere of the traditional game: lighting, stacks of papers, pleasing sound effects and reach ear friendly music, or the famous messy "Desk" where all the magic happens. Plus the use of a playful "Joker" coming from the mysterious platform of 90's best-seller novel "The Solitaire Mystery".



    ❖ Throw around your own funny, irrelevant words and see the tiny playful Joker form them into hilarious and unexpected random sentences which would cause the whole group fall on the ground in laughter!

    ❖ Experience the rich and engaging environment of animated papers, flipping pages, the dimly-lit unordered messy desk and find the way to persuade the tiny Joker form your random words into something you never expected.

    ❝ And here's a specific word of notion to the New iPad- Retina-lovers: the resolutionary HD version of the whole aesthetics of the environment is in for catching your eyes and breath. Enjoy! ❞

    ❖ Inspired by a traditional family game in a theme risen from the book "Solitaire Mystery" , Funtense brings the joy of this collaborative game to iOS and soon to be cross-platformed to let you play with people on other devices.

    ❖ Up to 20 people (and even more at your request) can spend hours full of joy and laughter with sentences made of their own words.

    ❖ Your opinion does matter to us. We challenge you to prove us wrong! Share what you feel and what you need from within the app and see them in effect in the upcoming updates -you won't even need an instant internet connection for that; It will be sent the next time you have internet access.

    Time to have your words misplaced and laugh out loud!


    :apple:View in App Store now

    :apple:Check out the press release on Aleph-Null Visions Website or PrBlog
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    Funtense now for free

    ****release week's promotion****
    (( get funtense for "free" before promotion ends ))
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    Good News

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ***
    Thanks to our fans.
    Funtense hit top 200 in word games and became the featured word game in UK & US.
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