Further evidence that ATT is run by a herd of goats

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Chupa Chupa, Jun 3, 2010.

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    Jul 16, 2002
    This week started an I really did not understand why people hated ATT so much. I mean I don't like any cellco but I didn't really hate one more than the other. That changed yesterday.

    But that was not enough. Oh no. ATT's CEO has made the special effort to prove to the non-believers that he is just, well, dumb. The story goes like this: customer writes CEO twice in two weeks. Does the CEO tell one of his lackeys to reply with some meaningless "feel good" corp speak? Noooo. He tells his lackeys to tell the customer to **** or ATT will send him a "cease and desist" letter. Yeah, now I know what people hate ATT. They should modify one of their old tag lines: More idiots in more corner offices. The New ATT.

    Story link on Engadget. Tech News Today @ TWITlive.com also talked about it.
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    also mentioned on CNBC

    You can't put a price tag on that sort of publicity!

    Edit: just hit slashdot. But that's a nerd site, so who cares. I think AT&T would be much more sensitive to snickers by the talking heads on CNBC.
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    just saying, he already apologized. he said he was having a bad day (probably form all the idiots complains about what they all wanted and now dont want.)
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    Lame. Being a CEO, especially of a Top 10 Fortune company, means you know how to show restraint and don't threaten to sick the company's legal dogs on them for merely sending non-threatening emails. CEO get annoying emails every day. That's part of the job.

    But I bet the guy was having a bad day. He should after the whole iPad fee flop fiasco.
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