FWIW: The iPhone through the eyes of a long time WinMo user.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by el-John-o, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. el-John-o, Dec 3, 2010
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    Nov 29, 2010
    Hey all,

    Okay so I finally got my beautiful new iPhone 4 32GB. I have been a Windows Mobile user since my first HP iPaq (PocketPC 2003) and was quite depressed when the stylus went 'out of style'. I really likes the ability to have a precision pointing device. I loathed the iPhone for a long time BECAUSE I was so used to the PocketPC/Windows Mobile UI, a start button, clean widget-based home screen, etc. I also liked having a Stylus and a Hardware Keyboard. Well, with the phenomenal success of the iPhone, all of these features died, overnight it seemed, as everyone wants their phone to be like the iPhone, everything is a full touch screen, no pointing device phone nowadays.

    However, as a techie kind of person, the iPhone 4 sold me. That kind of hardware, UI aside, can't be ignored. And since most phones were drifting the iPhone direction anyway in terms of UI and functionality, well, why go for a clone when you can get the original?

    I've really enjoyed it, but one thing that drove me NUTS is that flaws were features by all reviewers. By watching the reviews you would think this thing was the second coming or something! It seemed like nobody could find a single flaw with the phone, other than the antenna issue, which a friend disproved for me. (He gave me his iPhone 4 and told me to drop a call. Couldn't do it. Death grip, finger on each antenna, etc. All while indoors and with only 3 bars to begin with.) So, well, I decided if nobody can find a REAL problem with it (other than reasons why it's not a this-device, like a bigger screen, widgets, etc.), then I better pull the trigger.

    So, For What It's Worth, here is my mini-review of the iPhone 4, after having it for one day, as a long-time Windows Mobile user who resisted the change to this type of handset since 2007. Full Disclosure, I have never used Windows Phone 7, which WinMo users say is the best, but bah humbug I say.

    So here we go, since everyone else starts with with Pro's and forgets the Con's, I'll start with Con's (then I can leave on a good note).


    - Battery - I am used to 2 or even 3 days between charges of average use (Lots of Wi-Fi and GPS usage, one day). This has been almost ever WinMo phone I've had! Grancted I was using it ALOT, but I had to charge it again before the day was up. Take this with a grain of salt though, because I took it from the apple store, had it plugged in in my car for over an hour while driving home, but that was the extent of it's charging yesterday. Today it got charged overnight after letting it die, let's see how it goes.

    - Fingerprints/Glass/Heavy - It's shiny, but maybe too shiny! I'm nit-picking here, but still, my last phone was a Samsung Epix. I tossed that thing around, dropped it multiple times, etc. Some scratched on the plastic BUT, scratches on plastic are less visible than scratches on glass, plus it was light so dropping it made less of an impact. Actually, when I got home I THREW MY IPHONE onto my dresser like I am so used to doing with my Samsung, I almost cried. It was a force of Habit but a BAD IDEA. Luckily, nothing happened to it. But a man should not be that afraid to throw his phone ya know? It's also a major fingerprint magnet, though easy to wipe off.

    - EXPENSIVE Accesories. - 29 bucks for a dock? It should come with that! What ever happened to smartphones INCLUDING docks? 19 Bucks for another USB cable? I mean that's not as bad as 29 bucks for a dock that certainly can't cost that much to produce, but still, I think I bought a replacement USB Cable for my Samsung for $7.99.

    - AT&T - I hope Apple switches to someone else. Their reception is excellent unless your in downtown cities-burg,with my aircard I went from Chicago to an hour west of St.Louis streaming Hulu non-stop. I'd say that's darn-good reception, there's a lot of middle-of-nowhere along that trip. I also live in a rural area where AT&T is the only one offering 3G service, and if I drift too far away from the interstate (as I do frequently) I'd lose service completely unless I was with AT&T. HOWEVER, I think it was a BS move to go from Unlimited Data to 2GB (everyone else offers 5...) for $35 a month. I was paying $20 for unlimited. Tethering is flat out criminal. Charging more to use your own data in a different way. But you all already know that.

    Nitpicks: Can't call them Cons, more nit-picks than anything, but here we go.

    - Four Program dock - I'm used to the Windows Mobile start menu, which can be customized to open and have my 7 favorite apps on it, along with having several of my recently opened ones. With this dock, I get 4, period. Yes I could make a folder on my home screen (which is why it's a nitpick and not a con) but that's just a couple more steps (getting back to the main home screen, etc.) then before for the same task. Not at all a deal breaker though, but it would be nice to shrink the fonts and increase the dock size. For crying out loud they aren't that big in comparison to the rest of the screen on the Mac.

    - GPS Performance - Also a nitpick because it's good enough to be practical, but I can't get a GPS signal in a parking garage, or inside my house or whatever. Not that I need them there, but I could get it before on most of my previous GPS-Enabled WinMo phones, so I thought I should mention it. In it's defense, A-GPS works great for instantly locking outside.

    - Lack of customizability/ Setting app is weak - The Settings app desperately needs an 'advanced' tab. Maybe I just don't know what I'm doing, but it seems like a lot of things are restricted from being changed, like

    - App Store closes after you download an app - What if I wanna keep going? Especially as a new user, downloading tons of apps to see what I need, delete the rest (free apps I mean), it's annoying having to go back to the app store over and over again. I've been using iTunes for that reason.

    Pros: Reasons why I don't regret my purchase.

    - The -censored censored censored- Display - Retina isn't strong enough of a word. Wow. Works in bright sunlight, I can MOUNT IT ON MY DASH FOR GPS, lol. Before, sunlight meant GPS apps had to go in the cupholder where it was dim enough to see. Beyond that, it's colorful, bright, and has something like a bagillion pixels in any direction. I love iBooks because of this.

    - App-Approval - lol John you put this in the Pro's silly! Yeah I know, I meant to. As a Windows Mobile user who is SICK of downloading apps that don't work, crash the phone, crash randomly, having to hard-reset the phone over and over again, yeah, I like it. 'It just works'. I can download apps with confidence, nothing crashes, etc. You take the good with the bad, since I can't get apps that 'compete' with Apple (like Skype video calling, because then Apple can't convince the world it invented the webcam). I also don't miss flash. Opening flash content on my last phone was a sure fire crash. I ended up downloading an app to block flash. Yes, there are things I can't do, but because of how MANY iOS devices are out there, without flash, I think HTML5 will really start to take over. I don't think anyone disagrees that's where the web is eventually going, I think iOS will help it get there faster.

    - Camera - The Camera is gorgeous, something, for some reason, most WinMo phones never had. Plus the front facing cam is cool, albeit useless (facetime is a joke, I know a few people with iPhones, yes, but has to be over WiFi? Might use it more later when more and more folks get iPhones that I regularly talk to, if it had Skype it would be better.)

    - DOCK!! - Woohoo the dock is BACK! I know above I complained they didn't include a dock, but my last phone that had a dock connector was the Pocket PC 2003 iPaq. Man I missed that, stick it in the dock, it syncs itself and charges, beautiful. I love how the iPhone has managed to do that again, without a 3" thick dock connector no doubt. And of course, Apple's dock connector has approximately 2 megajillions of compatible accesories, which is nice. However, 'Made for iPod' 'Made for iPhone' Instantly adds 50 bucks to the price tag. Once again, accessories, whether from apple or otherwise, are WAY too expensive.

    -iAds - I love this. There are lots of 'try before you buy' apps now, use them, full featured, and then if you like them, buy the ad-free version. This is also going to be a revenue stream for developers, prompting them to make their 99 cent apps free apps. It seems like there are a LOT of free, iAd supported apps, which is exciting. The ads are non-invasive and lightweight, and for the most part do not reduce functionality of an app. The only problem I've had is one apps small controls being very close to the banner. Oh well, I made the developer a good 40 bucks I'm sure haha! As long as advertisers are willing to pay, and developers are willing to utilize that sort of revenue stream instead of the percentage-of-the-proceeds from an app sale, I think it could mean an even larger, better library of free apps.

    I could list Pro's all day long, there are lots of great features, but the above stand out for me. I will update this thread as I use it for a few days, but I hope this helps anyone wondering if they can make the transition from a traditional Smartphone/PDA, to the new era of touch-screen Smartphones. I can now understand why it was hard to find too many faults on many of these reviews, and to all of you I'm sorry I couldn't present any new or fresh information. The fact is Apple did a good job here, the people who bash it nit-pick worse than I do, and frankly, are only bashing it because they don't wanna be part of the crowd. If the iPhone was a hated device that was poorly adopted and even more poorly reviewed, they would probably love it.

    $0.02. iPad coming soon, that's gonna be awesome. But for now, this is a great iOS device, I've really enjoyed it, I think it's going to change how I use my smartphone.

  2. h1r0ll3r macrumors 68040


    Dec 28, 2009
    I've only used one WinMo phone. That was the T-Mobile Dash. As a result, I'll never use a WinMo phone again. Hopefully the newer versions are nicer but, man.....GOD I hated that phone.
  3. QuarterSwede macrumors G3


    Oct 1, 2005
    Colorado Springs, CO
    You're part of a rare breed that loves WinMo 6.5 and below. Not many of you out there.
  4. vincenz macrumors 601


    Oct 20, 2008
    Glad to see you're liking it overall. Once you get used to the simplicity of an iphone, you'll start to looking at things differently. Compared to winmo, I think it's a breath of fresh air.
  5. kdarling, Dec 3, 2010
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    Jun 9, 2007
    First university coding class = 47 years ago
    I loved my last WM 6.5 device, the Imagio. Sharp WVGA LCD, worldwide EVDO and UMTS support, and built-in MediaFlo digital TV. Fast and reliable.

    Interestingly, in some countries there are still more WinMo users than iPhone users. Italy, Spain, plus I think Russia and others.

    In Germany there were still more WinMo users than Blackberry and Android users combined, as of last July.

    There are lots of WinMo hackers in Europe, though.
  6. zephxiii macrumors 6502

    Jun 21, 2010
    I love my Q9h Global still! Man if you think GPS is not great on the iP4, shoulda seen how bad it was on the 3GS!! (this is coming from a geocacher too, where accuracy/sensitivity matters)
  7. el-John-o thread starter macrumors 65816

    Nov 29, 2010
    Which is why I was concerned that I wouldn't appreciate this $300 iPhone purchase, but it's been good so far. The battery is disappointing, but I have 2 cables, one on a dock, one near my bed. A friend also gave me another one to leave in my car (between all of his iDevices he had about 10 laying in a droor). I have also been using it alot, and was downloading some apps on 3G too, so that didn't help. (Hey, AT&T isn't recording my usage until my next bill in a few days, I'm goin' wild haha.)

    It's also been a very fun device, and the apps that are available are awesome. I've also found it to be very productive, the integrated e-mail app is very powerful. So, I used to think I'd prefer an 'Old School' Smartphone, I think 2 days has convinced me otherwise.
  8. tigress666 macrumors 68040

    Apr 14, 2010
    Washington State
    I don't know which WinMo my iPaq was running (was not the most recent one. It was the last one that still required you to have battery power to save info unless you had an SD card).

    I had no issues with it (well except maybe a little stability but it wasn't too bad. Though I think I'd be annoyed if my phone was that unstable. It wasn't a smart phone but a pure PDA).

    Pretty much my experience coming from it to an iphone 3G was that I found everything I made fun of the iPhone for I found either was an advantage or actually really made no impact or for the function of a phone vs. pure PDA the "downgrade" was better (my iPaq had a bigger screen but the smaller screen of the iphone made it better as a phone cause it fit in my hand and up to my ear better and didn't really seem to compromise viewing space too much).

    I had only switched cause I got a laptop and found the laptop took over a lot of the functions of the PDA (I pretty much was using it like a mini laptop and most things I used it for the laptop was mobile enough). I was forgetting to charge it cause I wasn't using it enough to remember it. But I was missing a few features on it that despite missing them didn't have me remembering to charge it. I caved and decided a phone/PDA combo might be a good thing next time my cellphone contract ran out (I had stuck my nose up at all of them including the iphone before cause you compromised chip speed, screen space, memory, and just basic specs for phone functionality).

    In fact, I spent most of my time looking for apps for the iphone at first trying to find stuff to replace functionality of the ipaq that I missed. Really I liked the home screen that I had a calendar and a task list app that showed me my calendars and to dos on my home screen. And it felt like a little mini windows so I didn't really find it was that hard to get around/figure out how to use (yes, I've used macs most of my life and started on a mac but honestly, use one, you can figure the other one out, they're similar enough. Never understood people who had a hard time adjusting to one or the other).

    Honestly, I think it was easier to figure out how to navigate than the new windows mobile (long as you are familiar with windows as it did just seem to act like a mini windows).
  9. rikbrown macrumors regular

    Jun 29, 2010
    Annoyed me too. My solution was first to add a folder to the dock (yeah you can do that, just drag it on) - at least then it's accessible on all home screen pages.

    ... Then I jailbroke and installed Infinidock - setting 5 icons/'dock page' and having 3 dock pages I can scroll through. Yay.
  10. el-John-o thread starter macrumors 65816

    Nov 29, 2010
    When there is an untethered 4.2 Jailbreak I will likely jailbreak, but for the time being, the "find my iphone" functionality is just too vital, as I misplace my phone alot, and it's on silent most of the time :)
  11. deeesea macrumors 6502

    Aug 14, 2010
    You sir are amongst that rare bread of winmo lovers :p

    Having used a HTC TD2, for about a year, I've had enough with winmo 6.5. That phone brought out so much rage in me. I actually pref 6.1 a bit more than 6.5. It was just so much more stable imo. I wish i had a winmo device with a hardware keyboard, the 3.2 inch resistive was just too difficult to type quickly on, and using a stylus to poke out a message takes too long. Other than that, I had no complaints with 6.1 (except the UI was mad ugly, again I was switching from an iphone 3g). 6.5 though, there was a messaging bug that affected me, if i had 200+ texts stored on the phone, it hangs for a good 3-4 minutes each time i send a text...which got annoying...really fast, since then i've never wanted to touch winmo again.

    Though windows phone 7 will probably be my next phone when i dump my 4.

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