G3 Mini Tower questions (adding a DVD)

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by LimeiBook86, Oct 5, 2002.

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    I just bought a used Power Macintosh G3 AV/9GB/128mb RAM/CD/Floppy/Zip from Mac of All Trades (www.macofalltrades.com) It runs OS 9 and OS X. It also has AV ina nd out. I want to use my built in AV in ports in OS X to edit or view video, but I DON'T HAVE SOFTWARE FOR IT! :( Do I have to go back to OS 9 to use "Apple Video Player"? NOTE: "Apple Video Player" isn't supported by classic so I can't use the program form OS X. I also want to ad a DVD-ROM to my new Power Macintosh G3 Mini Tower (not the blue and white ones!) I saw a 2x Apple DVD-ROM drive at www.poweron.com in a magazine but I can't find it on the site. It is only $29.99 and I really want to get it.Can you guys find it for me, or find one with a similar price? I have IDE in my G3 mini tower so it has to be IDE, but can I use ATA? Please tell me.... The other thing is, I have a Floppy, CD and Zip, and one blank bay in my tower. I'm thinking of adding the DVD to the blank slot, or maybe I'll just replace the CD drive with the DVD-ROM... Yeah I'll probably do that... I'll ad a HD in the blank bay. But incase i wanted to ad a nother CD/DVD drive I need the plastic covers for the drives (are they called bezels?) I saw them at Mac Res Q and at www.poweron.com but they were $19.99 can I get them cheaper any where else? Thanks for reading, help anyone?
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    I would be very surprised if your Mac's video I/O were supported in OS X.

    AFAIK, Apple has never designed or manufactured DVD-ROM drives itself - it has merely re-badged drives made by other companies and in some cases (this may only apply to older CD-ROM drives, though) changed their firmware. Any standard IDE DVD-ROM drive should work in your Mac. You should be able to find a drive better than that for even less than $30 at Pricewatch. For your purposes, IDE = ATA. Same thing, different name intended only to confuse end users.

    For drive bay bezels, try looking on eBay or doing a Google search.

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