G4 Dual 800MHz Noise?


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Oct 28, 2001
San Luis Obispo, CA
Hi, I have a deal for a Dual 800MHz, and I know it is an amazing machine. It will be fast enough, but I am wondering about the noise. Does anybody have one, or have experience with one?

Another thing, this G4 DP is 1550 shipped. Brand new in box. Should I take it or wait till after NY?

I mean, do I really need the extra speed?


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Feb 7, 2002
i have my dual 800 right next to me.... sure, it makes some noise.... but it is all relative.

for instance, i live in nyc (usually, during school) and thus, the street noise more than covers up the cpu noise.... but here at home, in hickville, with nothing else going on, it's noticeable... i guess it depends how much you can take. it's not horrendous or anything...

that said, i'd also wait til after. no reason the deal you have now wouldn't hold then.... and maybe you could get a dual gig for aroudn the same......


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Feb 7, 2002
Re: Hmm

Originally posted by MacAztec
But for 1550 dollars shipped and NEW IN BOX?

I mean, do i need more power? Its a dual 800MHz for 1550 with 512 ram
you probably don't NEED more power, no...... unless you're doing 3D or high end video.... in which case, dual 800 is still good. but can always use more...

if you're itching for it, do it... but i would wait myself...


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Hey man, dont be upset, everyone is going to say to wait when your this close to the newest MW! You never know what can happen, so everyone always waits till after MW to make a decision.

Maybe you will be able to get a dual 1 ghz after MW and the prices drop.

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May 19, 2002
The low-end tower is "near" that price, and there is a good chance that a DDR Mac running at 1+GHz single processor with one of the newer generation video cards will equal the performance of the dual 800 tower.

But that's what actually waiting for the benchmarks will tell you.

However depending on what video card is in the dual 800, there is a good chance that with Jaguar you'd be swapping in a new video card anyhow. Making the price of the dual 800 darn near that of the new low-end tower.


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Jun 25, 2002
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Re: Wel..

Originally posted by MacAztec
For 1550, what could POSSIBLY come out from apple for that price? It couldnt be more powerful!
I have one of the dual processor 800s that I recently bought at CompUSA for $1799 as a floor model.

It's good but it definitely needs more memory. I have it up to 512MB and it does not scream. I have been running folding@home on this and a G3/400 and the G4 is only twice as fast with 512MB on each of the machines. So, buy more memory, if you're going to get it.

Is it loud? Yes, the 2.5 inch fan behind the heatsink is quite busy but I've gotten used to it in little more than a month.

If I had more money ($3000 + tax), I would have waited but this way, I have the machine and a machine which would truly impress me is probably two years away anyway.

Hope that answers your questions.