G4 Dual 867 Won't boot from HD or CD.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MacFocus, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. MacFocus macrumors member

    I have a G4 dual 867. It always worked flawlessly in OS-x (jaguar and Panther)
    I got a new G5 and so the 876 get a new task.

    for the next couple of months it has to boot in OS9.

    Old setup:
    Panther 10.3.4./ 60 GB sytem HD 2 x 80 GB striped HD(softwareRAID)
    1.25GB RAM
    Superdrive + old CD-rom drive.

    The problem is that when I formatted the disc sometimes shows and sometimes it doesn't.
    Boot from Norton CD- Machines boot fine but no disc available
    Boot from OS-9 CD- Machines boot fine but no disc available

    After reformatting the disc in another machine isstall was possible. In fact I could even use the damn thing. Only problem was very slow copy from/to our Ethershare server. (16 minutes for 1 MB)

    I didn't trust the install and decided to install again.
    So now it;
    - won't boot from any CD
    - When I press any button during startup, I on;y get a lightened screen, but nothing on it.
    - When trying to boot from the HD it seems like an extension conflict. (which is very hard, because it should only load the CD driver & the USB driver)

    I've perfomed a Open Firmware reset, PMU reset, changed the battery, removed the extra RAM to its factory default, changed HD's etc.

    Does anyone have any idea?


    To be complete; I've tried to use all 3 discs in different setups/positions/ATA channels.
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    Feb 17, 2003
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    Does your Mac boot from the CD if you disconnect the Hard Drive?
  4. MacFocus thread starter macrumors member

    Yes they are. I,ve tried using different discs and connecting disconnecting cables/drives.
    It will start booting from the disc on the ATA 66 bus (the bus for disc 3 and 4) but hang halfway startup. It will boot with extensions off.

    But as soon as I touch a key on the keyboard then it won't boot.
    It just gives me a lightend screen. (I noticed that when starting with an 23" display it lightengs the screen in 2 steps during startup. the first step is a sort of low intensity mode, after a few second the screen lightens in its normal mode)

    Why can't I boot from CD?
    It did before.
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    In the manual of my G4 i once read, that the G4 does not function if any IDE device is set to Cable Select, so it has to be either Master or Slave.

    Hope it helps.


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