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    Oct 8, 2003
    Hello Mac Users,

    I am about to make the foray into the AppleMac world and am having several buying issues which perhaps some of you more experienced users can help me with. Here goes:

    I am interested in using my computer for normal applications such as internet use, word processing etc. but I am also very keen on digital video editing. I thought that if I waited for the G5 to come out the price of the G4 would drop considerably. However, with all the extras that I would like for video editing I now feel that I might as well go for the G5. I definitely want the superdrive and I get the feeling that the speed that I would have to add to the G4, as well as the superdrive, would cost me just about as much as a new G5. I have also heard that the G5 with Jaguar does not support some Classic applications. Is this true? I am having trouble guaging the price difference between buying a G4 with all the extras I would need for video editing with just getting the basic G5 and adding a couple of things such as RAM and an external hard drive for video storage.

    I would greatly appreciate some feedback from sincere and experienced users so that I can begin this quest into the AppleMac world.


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    Dont Hurt Me

    Dec 21, 2002
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    sounds like you are not a pro user so here is my advice, the g5 is going to be overkill unless you do it for a living so get a top g4 machine-1.25 imac or 1.25 single or dual tower. they will do anything you need and with the xtra bucks get some great games or gadgets to go with it. superdrive can be bought even in a emac. now if you got money to burn and are going to spend countless hours video editing all the time the g5.

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