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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MacAddict, Feb 22, 2004.

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    Hey I just got me a new dual 2Ghz G5 :)D) and even though it's unbelievably fast, i was expecting some faster start-up times. I read a couple reviews before getting it and some reported start-up times of as low as 12 seconds. My start-up is fast but it's definetly not 12 seconds, it's probably more like 30. I was just wondering what kind of numbers other people are getting and if there are ways to reach that 12 seconds through maybe tinkering with OS X or something.

    Thanks ;)
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    What do you mean startup times? From the moment the power button is pressed, or when the grey screen appears. I've got a 10k system drive, and my startup time from the button press to a useful state is 65 seconds. Granted, i have a lot of services being loaded, but still, even stripped i don't see it being any faster than around the 30 you're getting.
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    If your running Mac OS X.3.2 you probably don't have the start-up fix applied which will slow down your boot times.

    Here is the fix if your running Mac OS X.3.2:

    1. Start the Terminal
    2. Put in this line of code:

    sudo ln -s /System/Library/Extensions/BootCache.kext/Contents/Resources/BootCacheControl /usr/sbin/BootCacheControl

    You can just copy and paste that line of code right in to the Terminal.

    3. Put in the Administrator Password
    4. Press Return
    5. Quit Terminal App
    6. You need to reboot atleast twice in order to see the results
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    It depends on the machine config, ram, video card etc, the number of monitors attached makes a diiference and perhaps most importantly the OS version. 10.3.2 is much slower to boot up then either 10.3 or the .1 update even with the sudo hack.
    When my machine first arrived and I installed 10.3 it would happily do sub 20's now with raid, lots more ram and a second monitor it is much more than than. Add in 10.3.2 and the time will increase again. The number of startup items makes a difference also as does whether and how you connect to a network.
    My solution don't turn it off,keep it on or if you can't try and let it sleep.

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