G5, USB 2.0, and FireWire2!!!


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Jun 18, 2001
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The register is reporting that Apple has a G4 in development right now that has USB 2.0 and FireWire2 standard. They are calling it "Apollo" It is supposed to be the just-in-case-the-G5-isnt-ready Computer. They also say that DDR support is a commin. What do you guys think... is this full of **** or is this valid? I jsut got a Quicksilver... too bad I didnt hold out a few months longer... this looks like a major upgrade.

Check out the link


If the link doesnt work... well.. you can figure out how to get there....


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Apr 26, 2001
I would like to know what will happen to the G4 when the G5 comes out.
Will they keep the G4 as a mid range machine?
Or will they put it in the imac?
Or will they drop it?

Personally i dont think an imac with a heat producing G4 is going to be a completely good thing, although they did put it in the cube.



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Aug 31, 2001
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Re: ???

Originally posted by Paolo
Wasn't 'Apollo' a codename for something else that apple made. I'm sure I've heard it before???
Yep. It was one of the codenames of the Classic II.
You have to consider that G5 is not an Apple product, but a Motorola product.

Apple codenames


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Sep 21, 2001
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oh ok

I thought that all of them helped make the chip? (ie IBM, Apple, and Motarola) Then again i'm most likely wrong.


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Jun 15, 2001
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One comment if I may:
Everyone here knows Apple doesn't have the resources to commit to a "just-in-case-the-G5-isn't-ready" machine. I think that whatever comes out will be just what Apple had planned. There is way too much speculation on the whole topic of the G5 to say anything concreate yet, and one has to factor in the resources Apple has. If ya havn't noticed, the economy is in a BIG downturn (Apple doing SLIGHTLY better than some of the others, but Motorola going under). I think that IBM's support will make or break Apple in the wake of EvilSoft's new operating system. I would try being slightly more optimistic about the OS, but if it runs on a x86 code, it can't be too great. Anyway, I think that we need to think of Apple's current resource pool when evaluating rumors like these.