g5's at mwsf???????


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Jan 19, 2002
mpls, mn
hello, y'all.
I found this at YourdailyMac.com:

"Hello YourDailyMac.com,

We have been working relly hard here lately on the last G4 PowerMac upgrade ever. Yes you heard me right we are not putting any more G4's in PowerMacs after the next revision. So we just introduced the 800, 933, and Dual 1Ghz. And we do plan to introduce the G5 by at least next MWSF. The stats are pretty foggy here at Apple but we do plan to have the low end at 1.2 and the high end maybe as high as 1.8. Our goal here at all is to catch up with Intel by the end of 2003. Hopefully by 2004 we can surpass them as far as Ghz. Well until next time.

(name withheld)"

I know these things can be shady at best. But I would hate to wait until the NEXT MWSF for a G5. I think I'm gonna just wait 'till they bump the 133pc bus speed on the new Ghz G4's, then buy. By 2004, I'll have it paid off anyway.

So, when is MWNY and Seybold taking place?

Thanks for reading.



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Jan 23, 2002
HAH, first of all, when is the next MWSF, next year, hah, and Apple is not competing with intel on mhz, they dont give a **** about mhz as much as Microsoft.


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Jan 7, 2002
microsoft cares about MHz?

last time i checked microsoft made programs and games consoles, not computers that "care" about MHz. and as far as the letter from apple sounds very nice but i dont think its like apple to spill the beans just yet. if they do plan to catch up to intell in MHz #'s they have to hurry up and throw out the G5 soon, the intell world is at 2.2Ghz (Pee-Cee MHz) and by 2003 they will be at 2.6 VERY NEAR The end of the pentium 4's life span, so if they do want to be the same #'s as intell they have to pump out a new powermac by atleast MWNY( 1.2-1.6 or even 1.8) and then in the next tokyo (1.5-2.2), then after at MWSF( 1.8-2.6???) just a HUGE guess it would be nice!

As far as anything new at MacWorld Tokyo in march.... dont exspect anything from the PowerMacs apple will probably sqweez every last drop of juice out of the "last" PowerMac G4 line ever, for the next 6 Months! if anything only the iBook and powerbook will see face lifts! (maby even lower priced ipods!) the power book will probably have to make a HUGE jump in MHz especialy after AMD's launch of there newest mobile processor running at 1.3 GHz and only 2 watts of power! this means apple must take top place in the mobil computing area again! maby a new Dual G4 modle with the highest clock speed at 800Mhz and low end at 733. the iBook will be 700MHz or even maby 750...
withe the low vertin at 600Mhz and no more 12.1" displays all modles will be 14" with 100 dollar price cuts to make them match the old origenal 12.1" display iBook (500MHz modles)

and that my 2¢!


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Jan 6, 2002
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Indeed. Apple would really have to pull its finger out if they wanted to catch the wintel world by the end of 2003.

We would have to see 1.6 by the end of this year and probably 2.6 by the end of next. Chances?



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Jan 19, 2002
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I was not putting this quote up to play a game of "HAH" , jadam. I am quite aware that mwsf isn't until next year, and I strongly disagree that Apple doesn't give a ****about Mhz as much as Microsoft(which I think you meant to say "Intel"). Mhz ARE very important, but only if the computer's architecture supports the speed in a functional manner.

Taking on Intel in a Mhz war is simply not going to happen as quickly as we might hope. Not enough money to pump out the chips (check up on Motorola's inconsistency in this area), coupled with the fact that the computer's motherboard can only accept a certain speedbump increase without being reworked, coupled with a need to stay cutting edge, AND remain as unique as Apple wishes to, adds up to a fairly sticky marketing strategy. Hard to do when you don't have every Joe and Jane buying your product and recycling money back into the Profit Zone.