G5's in Pbook...read before discounting.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by ooagentbender, Aug 15, 2003.

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    Dec 21, 2002
    This is pure speculation and in the end is more of a question to those more informed than I am.

    I was wondering how it would be possible for the folks at apple to bump up the speeds of their power book line and still use the g4 processor, considering the fact that the heat produced by said processor would be enourmous. Weren't people complaining about thier towers sounding like wind tunnels. There was even speculation that they simply overclokced the 1ghz to 1.25ghz. I think the heat issues might be too great for a laptop enclosure.

    That being said could the next update be to a G5 how ever crazy that may seem? A G5 running at 1.3 ghz?
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    Mar 12, 2002
    BrisVegas, Australia
    it's not as crazy as some people make it out to be. a few months back people were looking at all the figures and it worked out that a G5 could theoretically be put in a PowerBook if it was around 1Ghz. that woud be quite easy (meaning that at that speed you don't have to worry about heat) and it was even speculated that maybe a 1.3GHz G5 could fit in a PB with no heat problems.

    i also remember reading that the G5 was specially developed as a mobile chip. there's some awesome power managament stuff that goes on inside it. (but unfortunately i don't know the link. you should do a search here of the MR forums if you want specifics.)

    while the heat of the proc. may not be an issue there is still the controller chip (not sure if that is the correct term). there are also massive differences between the architecture of the G5 and the G4. but i think that Apple would have come a long way in development of the G5 PB. just think that it's been about 10 months since the PowerBooks (or at least the 15") have been updated. i don't think that the folks at Apple would have spent that time just working on the next rev. of the 15" PB, if you know what i mean. ;)

    and as for the G4... sure the next versions will probably be hot, but not within limits. the next rev will most likely use the 7457 which is supposed to give a 40% performance increase, according to some sources.

    just remembered something - some think that the powerbook will get the G5 when IBM move to a .90nm production process. it will give off a significantly less amount of heat then.

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