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    Jan 18, 2005
    Back to Satan Sam... (if you don't know its a platform game I'm making in the style of Snes) I think I've finalised the storyline, at least the intro anyways. here goes...

    The game begins in Sam's village. You can talk to folk and they're nice and all to your face, but if you sneak around (crawling) you can eavesdrop on the village folk. They whisper things like "Something is coming" "We better not tell him". You make your way through the village and onto your house, where you meet your mother who says that your father is behind the house. Sams father was the most powerful warrior in the Red Lands, just so you know. Make your way outside and there he is. music fades out and player loses the controls. Your father is faced away from you looking out onto the wide open world, it slowly starts to rain.
    He says to you that "There is a great power approaching" that "There will be no escape" and the power is too strong for himself. He turns around and throws Sam a sword. "Fight me" he says, to test Sam's skill. The player regains control. Now his father is a good fighter and will need some good AI, you cannot hurt him, everytime you hit he pauses for a bit and speaks some more to you "There are things we never told you Sam..." and stuff like that. At some point you can hit him, which knocks him to the ground. At this moment in time Sam's father realises that Sam is the greater fighter, perhaps the only one who can save them. The rain stops now. Sam realises what he's done. slowly he takes a step back... then another... then runs away towards the fields.
    As he runs meteors start hitting the ground. This is the 'unknown enemy' trying to wipe out the only thing that has the potential to stop their plans. A smaller meteor knocks into the sprinting Sam knocking him to the ground. then the screen will fade to white.
    here I want to add some mini credits (A Game by James Whitehead... etc) and a gentle twinkling bell song. A grey line will appear in the whiteness, start moving and more cracks appear. Sam is there, laying down in the whiteness, the camera switches to a side view and his world has been covered in snow. still snowing heavily Sam gets up. looks behind him at his demolished village, bell music still playing, then carries on his running.

    Then the main game will start. With only 2 more cutscenes in the game until the ending.
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    Sep 30, 2005
    Sounds good :)

    Now hurry up and finish the bloody thing so we can start playing it. :p :D

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