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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by rye9, Apr 22, 2012.

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    So my usage and standby battery levels are about the same, indicating my iPhone is having issues. I've restarted, restored from iTunes backup, and restored from an iCloud backup... and still I have the issue. It looks like I have to try restoring as new, right?

    Anyways, assuming this is the case... how can I keep as much stuff as possible? Would be Angry Birds game progress be deleted? Or is that maintained in GameCenter? I will lose my texts and Camera roll, right?

    Or can I get only specific stuff like the game saves back through iCloud... or does that only give me an "all or none" package?
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    If you restore as new, everything is lost and you will have to start from scratch. All your text will be gone. If you have saved your contacts somewhere else, nothing to lose there. All pictures will be deleted, unless you transferred them to your computer.

    Some game saves are stored in gamecenter so some of them you can bring them back. Some games are based on their server so make sure you have an ID so you can get your games saves that way too. However, games like angry bird, you will have to start over, but the interesting fact is your scores are still saved to your gamecenter.

    Before restoring as new, I suggest doing "Reset All settings" under settings > general > reset before you go with the restore as new. This will not delete any data, all it does is reset your settings, and see if that fixes the issue. There are few people I heard that reset all settings did fix the same usage and standby time. If it didn't fix it then you can try the restore as new route.

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