Games you should be playing: geoDefense

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    Description:: I’m ashamed to say that I have yet to defeat a level on the “medium” difficulty setting, but that didn’t stop me from staying up until 2:40 AM last night trying to beat the “Speed Round” level. To be honest I’m not even sure it IS possible to beat all these levels, but I love this game, as frustrating as it is. If you like Tower Defense games, or even if you're just a gamer looking for a challenge, then geoDefense is a game you should be playing NOW.

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    I'm pretty sure it IS possible--just throw out your old TD habits and think outside the box.

    Level 2 of Medium is where the Vortex tower is introduced, by the way.

    I'm playing this one a lot lately. It's hard, and I like that.
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    I beat all easy and medium levels. However i am stuck on level 1 on hard, i get to the last wave but then i die =[ always

    theres a video of speedround on youtube from the creators btw
    thats not how i did it though

    the laser tower on the left is the most important one though

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