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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by vrDrew, Mar 18, 2011.

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    Jan 31, 2010
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    A confession: My musical experience has heretofor been limited to keyed instruments: pianos, organs, a clavichord, and and bunch of synthesizers.

    I've never had the opportunity to spend enough time with a guitar to make it emit any sound that was, by any stretch of the imagination, pleasant.

    But thanks to the various "smart guitars" in the iPad Garageband App, I've begun to appreciate the many musical pleasures, and infinite musical possibilities, offered by the guitar. And I've finally figured out how to (start) reading some of the many guitar tabs available online and elsewhere.

    Which brings us to the question: It appears as if the Garageband guitar is limited to frets 0 through 7. Which is fine for playing the intro to Smoke On the Water - but leaves a huge chunk of guitardom (temporarily?) outside of my range of clumsy possibilities.

    Is there a method whereby you can access the other frets available on a regular guitar?

    Or do I need to rekey those tabs to a key that fits within Garageband's limited range?

    Or do I simply need to bite the melodic bullet, and part with another $500 to get myself a real guitar, like this sweet looking Fender Telecaster?
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    Jul 18, 2009
    Telecasters are awesome guitars, definitely a good choice. I'm pretty eager to try out the built in amp modelers, gotta wait for the apogee jam to come out though. The smart guitar is a lot of fun too. As a guitarist I expected it to be a useless joke, but it really is pretty impressive. I've messed around with eight finger tapping on guitar and playing the smart guitar with just the right hand is pretty similar. They should have a button like the keyboards do to go to a higher register or something. Hopefully they'll address that in an update. I'm not holding my breath, but I think it would be awesome if you could control synths with the guitar interface too.

    But yeah, get yourself a Tele. Maybe check out the Squier Classic Vibe series. People have been going nuts over them. They're cheaper than a made in Mexico fender and to tell the truth they do actually seem nicer.
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    The 7th fret on The E string is a B4(the highest note ) the guitar goes up to D6 so it is missing a little more than an octave but most guitar chords are not played that high.

    I suggest you memorize the shapes of triads in groups of three strings each(1-2-3) (2-3-4) (3-4-5) (4-5-6)

    Pattern #1.. 1-3-5 Pattern #2
    String1-2-3 String 1- 2-3
    notes 5-3-1 notes 3-1 -5

    The guitar has shapes that shift position but not shape to change chords.Sadly most guitarist don't know this well.but this is the basis of creating unique chord melodys alla Hendrix or jazz players.

    Scale shapes are the same concept.Learn these two pattern concepts and basic of the mechanics of guitar are solved.

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