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    Jan 16, 2004
    I am running a couple of GarageBand song competitions - and I thought some of you guys might like to enter.

    We have some cool prizes but best of all we are going to release a definitive GarageBand Album from the winning entries - good luck to all who are brave enough to enter!


    Here's the press release:

    WIN A U2 IPOD! Music Creation Competition
    LONDON - November 17, 2004 today announced their second GarageBand competition for Mac musicians. Sponsored by iPresents digital lifestyle shop the competition is open to all users of Garageband.
    Macidol, is one of the leading sites for GarageBand artists and host to thousands of original music compositions covering every conceivable musical genre from Punk to Classical. Macidol members receive FREE hosting for their songs and a personal music website.

    Entries are invited for original compositions made using GarageBand. Participants will have the chance to win an exclusive Apple U2 autographed special edition iPod and professional headphones as donated by

    The complete list of prizes offered are;

    1st Place : Apple U2 iPod Special Edition
    2nd Place : Sennheiser HD25 Professional Monitor headphones and an Apple Jam Pack (generously donated by Fosco Brockhouse)
    3rd Place : Sennheiser HD280 Pro Monitor headphones

    The best judged entries will be featured on a special Macidol competition music CD (without profit)

    For the full details and rules of the competition visit


    In a selfless act of pure generosity the excellent Macidol artist
    Bananakiller is also running a GarageBand music competition and is offering an IPOD MINI amongst a selection of prizes.

    Details are provided by ' banankiller' via the macidol community boards.

    Apple introduced the GarageBand music composition software as part of the iLife software suite in January 2004. GarageBand turns the Mac into a recording studio, allowing both novice and seasoned musicians alike to easily play, record and create amazing music. Thanks to Garageband making music on a Mac has never been easier. Macidol was founded by Richard Senior in January 2004 and provides one of the best Mac community sites on the web for GarageBand music. :)
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    Jan 16, 2004
    The GarageBand song contest has started folks - entries must be in before midnight 7th December '04 GMT - good luck!

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