Gateway Ad in PC magazine


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May 4, 2002
Go Vegan
I saw an ad in my firend's copy of PC magazine, issue October 1st 2002, on page 40-41 there is a Gateway ad comparing the iMac and the dam piece of crap Profile 4... it copares it, I will have a scan by the end of the day,since I'm at school I don't have a scanner, hee hee hee I should get back to work! ;) :rolleyes:


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Jun 14, 2002
yea they say that the profile is "faster", has more hd space (an ok one, cuz it does) and is all around better. WTF is gateway's problem. I mean, they're failing, so tehy need to 1. copy the new imac, and 2. diss apple AFTER they copy apple's award winning product.



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May 24, 2002
'Toba, Canada
i remember they have been doing this for years now, they copycatted the all-in-one computer from apple b4...
i remember seeing an all in one computer at radioshack back in 2000 that resembled one of the old all in one macs that was around in 97 or so that had a 15" monitor, 64 mb of ram, 2 gigs of storage, 24x cd rom drive, 2 buttons for sound and 2 buttons for screen brightness (located on the computer), and was slow as heck...well the one that was pc had only 10 gigs of storage, 64 megs of ram, win 98, and was like 2 grand (with a celeron processor)...even back in 2000 there were computers bout half the price that were 2x better (including the imac)
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