Gateway's new iMac rip off


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Apr 14, 2002
bat country
i'm no expert on the many nuances of computer performance, but as many others can infer, these tests were not run in conditions favorable to the mac. for the java web test they used IE which is the largest piece of crap i've ever seen on the mac. it sucks on windows, but it's built into the os and is loaded at boot-time which is why it seems to load so much faster. adobe acrobat reader5 for osx is pretty lame, it used to be very slow for me, but now it will not even start up. preview is much better if you dont need the bookmark features. graphics performance is low, as expected, because video card manufacturers do a half-ass job of supporting their mac drivers. i'd be interested to see those benchmarks run with 10.2/chimera/decent graphics drivers