Gawker’s Denton Can’t Halt Hulk Hogan From Enforcing Verdict

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    Gawker Media founder Nick Denton lost his latest bid to halt enforcement of the $140 million verdict won by Hulk Hogan in an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit, according to a court document provided by the former pro wrestler’s attorney.

    Florida Judge Pamela Campbell said Friday that she would let Hogan try to collect the jury award -- in part because Denton misled her at a June 10 hearing about the value of his company stock.

    The judge said Denton hid “material information about the value of that stock which a reasonable person, under similar circumstances, should have disclosed.”

    So no more appeal for Denton unless he can actually pony up the cash.
    And now that it's on record that he lied to a judge -- good luck to him finding a sympathetic appeals judge.
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    Only in America, get caught doing the mattress mambo with a friends wife, get $140 Million Dollars.
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    Great news....No matter if you're a Democrat, Republican, Progressive, etc...we can all agree this guy is a sleazeball.

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