Geert Wilders, Dutch Far-Right Leader, Is Convicted of Inciting Discrimination

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    So, the leader of the Party for Freedom in my country has just been convicted for speaking the truth about Moroccans. There's not going to be a jail sentence or fine, which was requested before.

    Source: The New York Times

    To put a some nuance to the story: back in 2014, during a rally he asked "Do you want more or fewer Moroccans in this city and in the Netherlands?", after which people chanted "Fewer! Fewer!" Wilders responded to that with "We're going to take care of that."

    The trial was triggered when the police received 6400 complaints about remarks Wilders made during a municipal election campaign in The Hague. Fun fact, some of these complaints were fake. One person said "When I filled out the form, I didn't know exactly where it was about". Another claimed he couldn't recognize his signature. And even for the complaints that were real: this whole thing has been a disaster and a direct threat to our right of free speech.

    Fortunately, this is likely to favor Mr. Wilders at the upcoming elections in March 2017. He is currently leading in every single poll conducted in our country. The table below shows this: the left 'PARTIJ VOOR DE VRIJHEID' is Wilders' party. The right one, 'VVD' (People's Party for Freedom and Democracy) is led by our current Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The gray bar shows the result of the last election, all other bars show the poll numbers from 'I&O Research', 'EenVandaag', 'Maurice de Hond' (new poll every week), 'TNS NIPO' and 'IPSOS' respectively. The numbers you see represent the seats owned by the party, or at least how many it would have if elections were held today. Just explaining for those who aren't familiar with this system. :p

    Schermafbeelding 2016-12-09 om 14.26.52.png

    Anyway, the past few weeks his party has been doing great. After Trump's win he gained seats, but his trial has also helped him rise.

    As mentioned before, this trial is a disaster, and the judges should go shame themselves. This will only do good to Wilders and his party. He will however appeal in court. Even better, since he'll be dragging this right to the elections in March. Looking forward to put our current Prime Minister to shame. What a fraud it is.
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    I remember watching his translated speech to Dutch parliament 9 years ago. Surprised he's still at it.

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